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Determined and being ready are two different things when it comes to setting up a company, anywhere in the world.

The good news is that the processes for company formation in India are simplifying for startups and small companies. But that does not change the fact that corporate operation is a complex and competitive ground where businesses must have a long-term vision and plan in place.

MPVD & Associates, a leading CA firm in Kolkata that helps new and emerging businesses, not just set up and register their company, but establish the venture with authority by filling up knowledge gaps and a wide range of development tools and resources.

Understanding Company Formation Guidelines and the Regulatory Framework

The Companies Act of 2013’s 470 sections and 7 schedules would not be sufficient to cover the expansion of the corporate regulatory structure, which would require a more extensive and segmented approach.

In order to broaden the Companies Act’s coverage in a meaningful way and provide a mechanism for improvements over time, such a mechanism will need to integrate with it.

In order for Indian accounting standards to evolve in a way that is consistent with international advances and the way that it has been made possible by Indian company law, regulatory and professional organizations have a crucial role to play. MPVD & Associates’ company formation services in India include streamlining the following company law matters for startup owners:

  • Contract Laws and how to formalize business agreements.
  • Collaborative decision-making in a partnership firm
  • Business funding and securities
  • Cyber security laws
  • Business impact analysis for startups
  • Intellectual property rights
  • Merger & acquisition consultation
  • Conversion of Proprietorship

Business Planning, Writing a Plan and Implementing It

Before registering your company, you should have a solid business plan. And a solid business plan comes from writing down the core data about things like long-term market analysis data, long-term marketing strategy in a progressive funnel structure, financial projections, legal liabilities, and hiring models.

You should develop a business plan with the intention of implementing it with realistic expectations. There are certain things that only experience can teach a business owner about what to expect or act up in certain contexts. It is absolutely normal to have knowledge and skill gaps at the initial stage of operating a business.

This gap, however, must be filled lest the complexities of business compliance obscure the true potential of the product or skill you are selling. On a yearly basis, as a business owner, you must streamline and conceptualize intuitive knowledge about competition, sales, and the overall corporate perspective.

Absorbing information is an indispensable aspect of developing a winning business plan. In India, you can find a host of courses and training programs that particularly focus on entrepreneurial behavior and aim to open new windows and provide more detailed insights into what makes a successful business owner.

Having A Process for Having a Consistent Flow of Time, Productivity and Management

Looking at businessmen in the media and movies, it looks so different from what it is like to actually be one! You may be your own boss, but success comes with self-discipline.

Initially, you must treat your business as a job and yourself like an employee. You must be on time, and have a set of targets for deliverables and a functional management plan.

Until and unless you practice the business process yourself, you won’t be able to grasp the gaps in it. For example, if you are setting up an IT company like a web development agency or opening up an eCommerce store, like Shopify, you can actually develop the website and marketing plan before you register your company.

When you are well versed in the day-to-day jobs and tasks of your business, you are ready to implement the plan and it is the right time to register the company and get started for real.

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