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Corporate Legal advisory Services in Kolkata

When it comes to planning a business, there are numerous factors you need to consider. These points directly contribute to the success of your business. The process of company formation involves various legal procedures along with thorough planning. Starting from registration and licenses to tax filing procedures, you need to take care of company law matters. According to the Companies Act-2013, a company must abide by the rules and regulations under the section of corporate law. There are different regulations like company registration mandates, valuation of equity taxes, taxation, proprietorship, company administrative rules, etc.

To execute the formation process efficiently, all new companies must comply with these corporate laws. If your company complies with these company laws, it will ensure the legal security of your business. Hence, companies should look for a corporate legal advisory service in Kolkata. The service providers can help you with legal services and advice for both foreign and Indian companies. These consultancy firms can also handle several tax systems like Goods & Services Tax (GST) along with legal procedures.

For company law matters consultancy, you can get in touch with MPVD and Associates – The leading CA and tax advisory firm based in Kolkata. We have the specialty and experience required to conduct legal procedures involved in the formation of a company. Our advisory team has the knowledge and years of professional experience to provide support in corporate law affairs. We can provide the required legal support to the customers in the field of trade license, proprietorship, income tax, government registration, and more. Our services also include consultation which includes explaining the fine details of company legal terms to the clients.

corporate law matters solutions in Kolkata
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Our legal team helps clients with various consultation and on-field services. They will assist you with all company law matters associated with a company formation. The services we provide include:

  • Company registration under the Company Act-2013
  • Incorporation of a business
  • Advisory on impact analysis
  • Proprietorship conversion
  • Charge registration
  • Compliance services
  • Assistance regarding the E-filing of returns and documents under the section of corporate laws
  • Advisory and consultation about administration and management
  • Advisory and consultation regarding merger and acquisition
  • Company audit report review
  • Advisory and consultation regarding winding up a business
  • Consultation on intellectual property rights

Why Choose MPVD And Associates For Company Law Matters Consultancy Service?


Experienced & Professional Associates

Our team at MPVD and Associates consists of a group of knowledgeable and experienced professionals in the field of law, administration, management, etc. Our experts have successfully complex legal issues regarding the business, both nationally and internationally.


Collaborative Venture

Our company law experts and pro accountants work in a collaborative manner with the association of the new company. They share associate resources, ideas, and skills with the customer’s regarding company law matters.


Company Registration

We can provide effortless consultation service regarding all the legal procedures involved in getting a trade license and company registration.


Expert Team

We have a team of legal advisors which consists of administrative associates and specialized law. They are professionally trained and highly qualified in the fields of company law matter consultancy. Our team of experts include company secretaries, management professionals, chartered accountants, legal advisors, and more.


Company Incorporation

Our legal advisory team can provide services to conduct the legal processes for company incorporation as a separate corporate identify, such as Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) in India and outside.

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