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TDS Return Filing Services in Kolkata

At MPVD & Associates, we understand the complexities of tax deduction at source (TDS) and the challenges businesses face while filing TDS returns. With our expert team of professionals and in-depth knowledge of the tax regulations in Kolkata, we are committed to simplifying the entire process for you. Whether you are a small business owner or a large corporation, our tailored TDS return filing services ensure compliance, accuracy, and peace of mind.

MPVD provides hassle-free and error-free TDS Filing Services for businesses and individuals at competitive prices and compatibility.

TDS (Tax Deducted At Source) is a form of income tax used in India. The tax is mandatory and deductible quarterly. It applies to anyone – referred to as deductors – making specified payments under the Income Tax Act and holding a Tax Collection and Deduction (TAN) Account Number. Deductors are inclusive but not limited to the following:

  • Employees
  • Private Limited Companies
  • Body of Individuals
  • Local Authorities

The Indian Government’s objective behind this taxing technique is to decrease the possibility of tax evasion by collecting taxes from individuals’ primary sources of income. It may include salary, mutual fund profits, interest earned against assets and securities, and Fixed Deposit interest, among others.

The Income Tax Act specifies different TDS rates for different payments and different categories of beneficiaries. MPVD Associates is an expert in handling all kinds of Statutory Filings, having helped hundreds of clients have a holistic TDS/TCS Tax Return preparation services in Kolkata assisted by experts who care.

filing of tds return

The MPVD Associates Filing of TDS Return Timeline

You may use this platform created by MPVD Associates to file TDS returns in Kolkata for a variety of Form types. As soon as we receive your paperwork, our Chartered Accountants will handle the full TDS/TCS Filing services in Kolkata. Below is the timeline of the process of how we work:


  • Contact Us to Book An Appointment with our CA Firm in Kolkata who will guide you about the steps in a personalized manner
  • You need to submit all the TDS related documents including the TAN number, challans, TDS certificates, bank account statements etc.
  • Based on your documents, we shall share templates to collect information regarding the type of TDS form, the service plan for which quarter of the year you are paying the tax, and other relevant details for filing your TDS/TCS returns
  • Once all the documents are assimilated, our Chartered Accountants will handle the job of organizing your TDS File and a copy of it will be sent to you for approval.
  • As a formality, you need to review and verify your TDS Tax Return filing and give us a green signal to go ahead and upload it with the Income Tax Department.
  • Finally, we shall send you an acknowledgment as well as the Tax Returns if any.
TDS return filing services in Kolkata
filing of TDS return in Kolkata

Hassle Free TDS Return Filing Services of MPVD Associates

Get personalized help from Tax Return specialists who will manage and maintain the small and tedious jobs associated with TDS/TCS return filing services in Kolkata, giving you the peace of mind to focus on your business without looking back.

We offer comprehensive solutions for the following

  • Form 24Q filing for TDS Return for Employers Giving Out Salary Payment
  • Form 24Q and 26Q for Non-Salary Payments for Employers
  • Form 27EQ for Collection of Tax at Source
  • Form 16 and 16A for Employees and Professionals Receiving Salary and Non-Salary Payments

Our Flexible TDS return filing services in Kolkata suit all kinds of taxation plans for entrepreneurs and professionals starting from 0-15 deductions and up to 200 deductions per month.

So Why Should You Choose Us?

✔ TDS Preparation Utility that is Authorised and Recognized.

✔ Our TDS Tax Filing Q/A Model Offers The 3 Best Attributes – Quickest. Simplest. Most Affordable. 

✔ Get Dedicated CAs Working Closely With You. If You Are Not Tech Savvy or Understand The Mechanism of the Tax – You Get The Best Guidance and Assistance on Your Side.

✔ Guaranteed Services for 100% Accuracy, Working Its Way Through Multi-Layered Quality Checks via Manual and Automated Review Systems

✔ Maximum Tax Refunds Guaranteed!

TDS return filing services for NRIs in Kolkata

Get in touch with us at MPVD Associates – let’s have a clear and organized Income Tax Profile with expert assistance at every step of the process. A single-point solutions model that is affordable and sustainable for everyone.

TDS Return Filing Services in Kolkata

  1. Comprehensive TDS Consultation: Our experienced consultants provide comprehensive TDS consultation services to help you understand the intricacies of TDS regulations and their implications on your business. We analyze your financial transactions, guiding you on the applicable TDS rates and ensuring compliance with the latest tax laws.
  2. Accurate TDS Calculation: Calculating TDS accurately is crucial to avoid penalties and legal complications. Our team uses advanced software and tools to calculate TDS deductions precisely, considering various factors such as nature of payment, threshold limits, and applicable tax rates, ensuring your filings are error-free.
  3. Timely TDS Return Filing: Timeliness is key when it comes to TDS return filing. We understand the importance of adhering to deadlines and ensure your TDS returns are filed promptly with the relevant authorities. Our proactive approach minimizes the risk of fines and penalties, giving you peace of mind to focus on your core business activities.
  4. Efficient Handling of TDS Refunds: If you are eligible for TDS refunds, our team will assist you in claiming them efficiently. We guide you through the refund application process, ensuring you receive your rightful amount in a timely manner.
  5. Regular Updates and Compliance Checks: Tax regulations are subject to change, and staying updated is essential. MPVD & Associates keeps you informed about any changes in TDS rules and regulations, ensuring your business practices are always in compliance with the latest legal requirements.
  6. Customized Solutions for Every Business: We understand that each business is unique, and our TDS return filing services are tailored to meet your specific requirements. Whether you are a startup, SME, or a large corporation, our customized solutions cater to businesses of all sizes and sectors.

Don’t let the complexities of TDS return filing bog you down. Partner with MPVD & Associates, your trusted ally in Kolkata, and experience a hassle-free, efficient, and compliant TDS filing process. Contact us today to discuss your requirements and let us handle your TDS compliance, leaving you free to concentrate on what you do best – running your business successfully.

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    #Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – TDS Return Filing

    TDS stands for Tax Deducted at Source, a mechanism where the payer deducts a certain percentage of tax before making payments to the payee. Entities such as employers, companies, or individuals who make specified payments, like salaries, interests, professional fees, etc., are required to deduct TDS and file TDS returns.
    The due dates for filing TDS returns depend on the type of deductor. The due date is typically the 7th day of the following month for corporate and government deductors. The due date is generally the 15th day of the following month for non-corporate deductors.
    The Income Tax Department has made it mandatory for certain deductors to file TDS returns online. Entities like corporate deductors and those who are subject to tax audits under Section 44AB of the Income Tax Act must file TDS returns electronically. Other deductors can choose to file online or manually.
    Failure to file TDS returns or late filing can result in penalties and interest. The Income Tax Department can impose a fine of Rs. 200 per day for the duration of the delay. Additionally, deductors may lose their right to claim certain expenses or deductions if TDS returns are not filed on time.
    To file TDS returns, you will need details of the deductor and deductee (like PAN, name, address, etc.), particulars of TDS challans, and a summary of TDS deductions made during the period. Ensure that you have accurate and up-to-date information before filing.
    Yes! The Income Tax Department allows deductors to rectify errors in filed TDS returns. You can file correction statements to rectify mistakes related to challans, deductee details, and the amount of TDS deducted. However, you must file your TDS returns within the specified time limit to avoid fines.
    Yes, it’s compulsory for all government and corporate deductors to file their TDS return online according to section 206 of the Income Tax Act. It is optional only for other deductors.
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