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The modus operandi for finance legislation in India, brings new accounting procedures, benefits, and opportunities for both enterprises and individuals. Do you know it all? Sometimes you have a lot to catch up on. MPVD & Associates jots down some core attributes that a professional tax consultancy can provide.

New amendments have been added to the Finance Act 2022, which will take effect in this fiscal year of 2022. There is a lot to catch up on, from new rules for income tax on crypto assets, EPF interests, updating returns, and tax assistance for COVID-19 therapy. 

At MPVD & Associates, we meet several clients who have been good with their taxes initially. But a working professional from a completely different industry can’t be that conscious about new tax rules, new amendments, or even technology-oriented frameworks like cryptocurrency. Need-based tax and accounting services are crucial for budgeting for company operations or setting up a strong investment portfolio.

What Services Are Offered by a Tax Consultant 

A tax consultant’s or advisor’s main responsibility is to provide individuals and organisations with personalised support to reduce their tax obligations. The consultation itself is a service to help you know what you need.

Tax experts leverage the new tax amendments and rules to bring their clients closer to a more streamlined and secure financial environment. Below are some of the services you can expect:

  • Tax optimisation
  • Creating aesthetically pleasing tax paperwork
  • Assist you with e-return submissions 
  • Assist in the preparation of individual or corporate tax audits and investigations in order to achieve complete tax compliance.
  • Assessing a taxpayer’s financial and legal situation to ascertain their personal tax obligations
  • Making legal investments in things like life and term insurance, health insurance, pension plans, etc. can be facilitated by filling out tax documents like Form 16 and Form 12 B and submitting them on the income-tax website.
  • Tax litigation services for attaining individual and corporate rights and resolving tax disputes quickly and diligently
  • Help with international tax systems

In pursuit of comprehensive and diversified solutions, MPVD & Associates, a renowned CA firm in Kolkata, provides a one-stop solution for CA needs and tax services. All chartered accountants offer tax consulting as part of their service.

This gives the impression that tax consultants and chartered accountants are interchangeable, which is not entirely true because not all tax consultants are chartered accountants, while all CAs offer tax consultancy.

How Tax Consultants Differ From Chartered Accountants

The major duty of a consultant is to offer crucial direction and advice for making strategic tax plans and making financial decisions. From filing tax returns to assisting with audits and tax optimization, chartered accountants provide all services related to keeping annual accounts for businesses and individuals.

Crucial knowledge sharing is the primary goal of consulting, and the CA services would take the process to the next level. The scope of CA is substantially broader, and in addition to taxes, they also provide valuable assistance for other objectives such as bookkeeping, loans, debt financing, and the like.

The Importance of Hiring a Tax Consultant

Individual taxpayers, bodies of individuals (BOI), associations of persons (AoP), and Hindu undivided families (HUF) are among the various taxpayer categories in India. People who pay taxes have diverse characteristics and need precise information on tax credits and deductions, based on the type of their tax profile.

Since comprehensive research can be very tedious and confusing, it makes sense to have some experts advise you on where and how much to invest, comply with regulations, and audit.

  • Mitigating risks of errors and misinformation when taking tax-related initiatives for investments
  • Keep you abuzz with the evolving tax structure and update you with due diligence.
  • Recognize your technical assistance requirements for online tax filing.
  • Provide prevention against non-compliance with unknown liabilities, such as transfer pricing regulations or NRI taxation in India.

Above all, consulting an Indian tax consultant makes more sense because of the human approach of a highly knowledgeable entity. With this kind of assistance, you can be more confident in your financial endeavours and investing strategies. Learn about the tax issues and expectations that affect you or your business in the terms and terminology that you can grasp.

The tax professionals at MPVD & Associates can be valuable resources as advisors for you or your company. Get started by contacting us directly. Email us at or give us a call at +91 98300 51999.

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