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In the dynamic landscape of taxation, the business owners of any industry must be well versed not only in obtaining Goods and Services Tax or GST registration but also in understanding the process of cancellation. Whether due to a change in the regulatory requirements or business operations, cancelling GST registration must be done following the systematic approach to ensure compliance. In this blog, we will delve into the modulation of GST cancellation, starting from what GST is to the steps, eligibility, and essential documents required.

What Is A Gst Cancellation?

In simple terms, cancellation of GST registration indicates the process of deregistering a business with the GST authority. This also means that the owner of a certain business is no longer required to comply with the GST laws and regulations, including paying taxes, maintaining account books, and filing returns. Furthermore, businesses may opt for GST cancellation due to several reasons, including the discontinuation of taxable supplies, a change in business structure, or the closure of business operations.

Understand The Form GST Reg-16

Form GST REG-16 is a crucial document in the world of GST cancellation. This form serves as an acknowledgment by the proper officer for the cancellation of GST registration for your business. This form is submitted by the taxpayer with details including the applicant’s Goods and Services Tax Identification Number, or GSTIN, the reason for cancellation, and any additional remarks deemed necessary by the applicant or the proper officer.

For instance, if you have a small clothing business and have submitted the form of GST cancellation, the officer in charge takes up the entire process, from verification to the final process of the cancellation application. Once the document is approved by the officer, the business owner is relieved of GST compliance obligations.

Here you can download the Form GST REG-16

How To Cancel Gst Registration, Step By Step, For Your Understanding

Cancellation of GST registration is not a complex process, as the Indian government’s GST Portal has offered simple and easy steps to cancel the registration. Here are the steps that you may follow:

Step 1: Log in to the GST Portal using the adequate credentials.

Step 2: Go to the “Services” section and select “Registration” from the drop-down menu.

Step 3: Under the section of ‘registration’, select “Application for cancellation of registration”.

Step 4: Fill out the entire form with relevant and correct information.

Step 5: Upload any document if required during the time of cancellation, such as proof of discontinuation of the venture.

Step 6: Review the entire form and submit it electronically.

Step 7: Once the application is submitted, you will receive an application reference number to track the procedure.

Step 8: The officer in charge will review the submitted application thoroughly and may raise queries or look out for additional documents if the situation demands.

Step 9: Once the form is approved, you will receive a cancellation order from the tax officer, and your GST registration will be cancelled based on the effective date mentioned in the order letter.

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What Are The Documents Required For GST Cancellation?

If you are planning to apply for the cancellation of GST for your business, you must submit the following documents:

  • Pan card

  • Adhar card

  • Document on the last tax paid

  • Last return details filed by the business owner

  • The details of the venture

Who Is Eligible For GST Cancellation?

If a certain business is not active after receiving the GST registration, the taxpayer may immediately begin the cancellation process following the outline provided in the above section. Taxpayers can apply for GST cancellation under the following conditions:

  • Transfer of the business due to demerger or sale

  • Ceasing of business operations

  • Change from proprietorship to partnership

  • The turnover of the business is less.

Why Choose Mpvd Associates?

Are you contemplating cancelling your GST registration? The best way is to talk to the professionals about your doubts and concerns before you jump to a conclusion. We, as experts in the relevant field, will not only provide you with the right solution but also help you prepare the entire application. We will also keep an eye on the further procedure once the form is submitted and ensure smooth completion of the GST cancellation.

Faqs Asked By The Business Owners

We understand that you have relevant doubts and concerns; therefore, here are some of the common questions answered by us:

Q1: Is it mandatory to cancel GST registration if the business is about to close?

Yes, it is important to cancel the GST registration if the business operations have stopped or are about to close. Failing to cancel on time may result in penalties.

Q2: Can I reapply for GST registration after cancellation?

Yes, you can reapply for GST registration by following the standard registration guidelines if your business operations resume or the turnover increases the limit.

Q3: Can I cancel my GST registration if the turnover falls?

Yes, if your annual turnover falls below the limit, you can apply for a GST cancellation.

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